About Us

Our apple tree rental enables patrons to experience and enjoy the life and produce of an apple tree throughout the growing season from March to October. It also makes the perfect experience gift for a friend or family member!

There will be blossom open weekends in Spring for you to come and enjoy the orchard and see your tree covered in beautiful flower. Then in Summer/Autumn the apples from your tree will be ripe and ready for you to pick and take home and enjoy. You will also find that when you eat an apple straight off the tree it will be so fresh and full of flavour in comparison with an apple that has been stored and transported to a shop. As well as eating your apples, you can make juice, cook with them and turn them into delicious chutneys and jams that can be enjoyed all year.

The orchard is now 60 years old and, unlike modern commercial orchards, exudes character with a range of tree shapes and sizes making it a beautiful setting. The trees are all pruned and on dwarfing rootstocks meaning that no ladders are required for the average person picking the apples.

Your tree(s) will be managed throughout the year with a high level of care to ensure your tree is in as good a health as possible and the apples produced are of high quality and quantity. We, as a family, have been farming apples here in Suffolk since 1890 providing us with over 130 years of experience in how to best care for and grow the highest quality of apples. The weather over the course of the growing season does impact significantly on the eventual yield of apples. Late frosts and hail can affect apple yields and appearance. However, they still will have the same great taste! All fruit trees crop in cycles so one year there may be a smaller number of apples but the next year generally should be a bumper crop. This all averages out over a few years and is in the nature of growing fruit trees.

It is a fantastic opportunity to become closer to the food you are eating, learn about the production of apples, help reduce your carbon footprint and support local business. For anyone who loves eating apples, is interested in learning more about how their food is produced or if you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, renting an apple tree is a fantastic experience.