Register Your Interest

Can't find an orchard near you?

Don’t worry! You can register your interest here and we’ll try to match you with a local farm or prospective grower.

If we find a match, they’ll message you directly via this web site. We won’t share your contact details directly with them or anyone else.

Alternatively, why not start your own orchard? Landowners often have small parcels of unused land, as do local councils. 

Schools are also allowed to plant fruit trees on their land, so PTAs could raise funds by renting out trees and teachers can use the fruit trees as teaching aids. 

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Rescuing & Starting Orchards


  • Community groups
  • Schools, academies & PTAs
  • Parish Councils
  • Pubs & clubs

If you have (or know of) an existing sleeping orchard or land that you would like to see planted as orchards, you can register here 

Farmers (who can apply for Country Stewardship Capital Grants to plant orchards)