Starting an Orchard

Feel like rescuing or starting an orchard?

We can help you find people to rent your trees.

By registering your new or rejuvinated orchard on Rent-a-Tree, you can share your dream with like-minded local people. 

If you have – or know of – an existing sleeping orchard or land that you would like to see planted as orchards, you can register here.

Create your own free listing in minutes

It’s easy to add your orchard to Simply enter a few details and you’ll be able to see what your listing will look like.

Submit your entry and your orchard will be verified and added to the site within 24 hours.

Free tools to promote your orchard

Free, customisable rental certificates

Choose from a selection of certificate designs and personalise them for your renters. 

Then send them – for free – to their email address, directly from your dashboard.

Free support to set up your listing

Computers not your thing? Don’t worry, you’ll find simple to follow how-to guides to get you up and running, and support is just a message away. 

We’ll have you up and running in no time.